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Due Diligence

ABOUT "DUE DILIGENCE" a novel by Owen Parr. Fiction or Fact?

"Money laundering is but one of the many components of the criminal empire that Rick Ramirez manages through a shell company in Miami for a foreign government. Their ultimate goal is launder $10 Billion through a stock offering on Wall Street.

Julia Muller and her investment banking company are the pawns used for Operation Due Diligence. Aptly name by Fidel Castro, out of his arrogance and disdain for the United States.
CIA operative Alex Cardenas, along with twenty-one other persons, including Julia, are the targets of assassins sent to clean up any attempt to dethrone the Castro brothers. Along the way, Julia and Alex discover that they are soul mates as matters become even more convoluted in their lives.
Ramirez’s drug operations continue unfettered as his socialite legend continues to grow within the Miami community. Unbeknown to him, his lover is DEA agent Jackie, who has been embedded in his empire."

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Reviewed by: Malin
Member of Livin la vida Latina
Review:  "This is the story of Alex and Julia, two Cubans that happen to cross paths in Paris; however, this is not your typical love story. Set against the backdrop of Cuba's social politics and vibrant landscapes, Due Diligence is a tale of corruption and power. Through the eyes of Fidel Castro, a crucial character in the plot, readers are introduced to an enriching history of Cuba and a ploy to commandeer a government.

It would seem that there is conspiracy lurking in the shadows, and somehow Alex and Julia are tossed in the mix. Alex is this hard-core, CIA militant with a boxer's build and Julia is a descendant of the 1st president of Cuba. Although they are two vital pieces in this convoluted chess match, they somehow created a sparkling chemistry, adding a strong romantic element to this covert thriller."

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